We are committed to unparalleled customer service, working closely with you to meet your business goals. Here at Cinter Career, we strive to be one of the top recruiting companies in the USA for our customers.


Connecting you with first-rate candidates is only the beginning. We also offer business process optimization so that you can focus on your business while meeting your goals, draw from a deep well of tech expertise, and are focused on providing best-in-class customer service.


Business Process Outsourcing

With a wide range of knowledge and experiences in administrative and back office operation, we provide the optimization service on your administration and/or back office team or department. Our administration professionals and technology professionals can work together to optimize your operation process with the latest technology so you can streamline the process. We can bring in experienced professionals onsite as needed to support your daily operation. 

Also as needed, we can coordinate necessary professionals to support your other businesses like CPAs, immigration lawyers and others and work with you and these professionals. 

USA Staffing Services

Based on your resource needs, long term or short term, we can provide staffing services anywhere in the United States; 50 states plus all US territories. These staff are not your employees, but ours, and you pay as you use with conditions agreed to in advance. 

With our Conversion Option, you can use our staffing service as a probation period and see how the candidate works for your environment, and then decide whether to hire him or her. 

Placement Services

Our experienced recruiters find the best professional fit based on your job requirements. Our customer service manager can analyze your needs for the required position and introduce the best candidates. 

Our service shines in the following areas and more:

Human Resources and back office Professionals
Finance Professionals
Japanese Speaking Professionals
Chinese Speaking Professionals
Korean Speaking Professionals


Cinter Career places vetted professionals in both permanent and temporary positions.

We provide our services nationwide.

Yes, we can provide temporary services nationwide (All 50 states and American territories).

Any position from entry-level to executive.

Most of our services are based on “incentive fees”. Please contact us today to have our consultants explain in more detail.

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